Planned IPOs
News Summary for May
XXF Group Holdings Limited
Automotive Retailers
Neusoft Xikang Holdings Inc.
Medical & Aesthetic Services
Beijing Fourth Paradigm Technology Co., Ltd.
System Applications & IT Consulting
Star Plus Legend Holdings Limited
E-Commerce & Internet Services
Well Cell Holdings Co., Limited
Telecommunication Equipment
Cubic City Service Apartment Group
Property Service and Management
LC Logistics, Inc.
Air Freight & Logistics
Sino-Synergy Hydrogen Energy Technology (Jiaxing)
New Energy Materials
Cutia Therapeutics
MM Petroleum Plc
Oil & Gas Producers
Lesi Group Limited
Advertising & Marketing
Zhong An Intelligent Living Service Limited
Property Service and Management
T.S. Lines Limited
Shipping & Port Operation
Jiangxi Rimag Group Co., Ltd.
Medical & Aesthetic Services
Changjiu Digital Technology Limited
Automotive Retailers
MicroPort Cardiac Rhythm Management Limited
Medical & Aesthetic Services
Persistence Resources Group Ltd
Gold & Precious Metals
Zhongmiao Innovation Technology
News Summary for April
Fenghua Qiushi Group Holdings Limited
Movies & Entertainment
Maiyue Technology Limited
System Applications & IT Consulting
Hanlong Group Limited
Building Materials
Country Style Cooking Restaurant Chain
Shanghai Duoning Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Zhubajie Co., Ltd.
E-Commerce & Internet Services
JINGDONG Property, Inc.
Property Investment
Qyuns Therapeutics Co., Ltd.
Shiyue Daotian Group Co., Ltd.
Agricultural Products
Tian Tu Capital
Investment & Asset Management
Guoquan Food (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
iMotion Automotive Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
News Summary for March
Zhongyi Jiye Holding Company Limited
Property Development
New Media Lab Limited
ADICON Holdings Limited
Medical Equipment & Services
Nicefilm Entertainment Holdings Limited
Movies & Entertainment
TUHU Car Inc.
Automotive Retailers
Keep Inc.
Leisure & Recreation
FWD Group Holdings Limited
Wise Living Technology Co., Ltd
Other Support Services
Laekna, Inc.
ImmuneOnco Biopharmaceuticals (Shanghai) Inc.
Shanxi Installation Group Co., Ltd.
Building Construction
Migao Group Holdings Limited
Fertilisers & Agricultural Chemicals
Easou Technology Holdings Limited
System Applications & IT Consulting
FAR International Holdings Group Company Limited
Air Freight & Logistics
Wuhan Youji Holdings Ltd.
Specialty Chemicals
UGenix Biotech
Growatt Technology Co., Ltd
New Energy Materials
RuiChang International Holdings Limited
Oil & Gas Equipment & Services
Soulgate Inc.
E-Commerce & Internet Services
Lalatech Holdings Limited
Air Freight & Logistics
HaploX Investment Holding Limited
K Cash Fintech Corporation Limited
JINGDONG Industrials, Inc.
Sourcing & Supply Chain Service
News Summary for February
Tyfon Culture Holdings Limited
Other Support Services
Dida Inc.
E-Commerce & Internet Services
Poultry & Meat
Kok’s Holdings Limited
Construction Materials
Pu’er Lancang Ancient Tea Co., Ltd
Non-alcoholic Beverages
Quantgroup Technology Limited
E-Commerce & Internet Services
Genecast Group Inc.
Medical & Aesthetic Services
System Applications & IT Consulting
Shum Yip Property Operations Group Co., Ltd.
Property Service and Management
Sichuan Kelun-Biotech Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
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