Corporate Events - 20 March 2023 Today

HK Shares
SH-HK Shares
20 March 2023 Today
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2023-03-20 Today
Result Announcements
Code Stock Name Industry Period
00046.HK Computer And Technologies Holdings Ltd. System Applications & IT Consulting
00297.HK Sinofert Holdings Ltd. Fertilisers & Agricultural Chemicals
00536.HK Tradelink Electronic Commerce Ltd. E-Commerce & Internet Services
00631.HK Sany Heavy Equipment International Holdings Co. Ltd. Heavy Industrial Machinery
00830.HK China State Construction Development Holdings Limited Building Construction
01376.HK Raffles Interior Limited Building Construction
01442.HK Infinity Logistics and Transport Ventures Limited Air Freight & Logistics
01501.HK Shanghai Kindly Medical Instruments Co., Ltd.-H Shares Medical Devices
01516.HK Sunac Services Holdings Limited Property Service and Management
01672.HK Ascletis Pharma Inc. Biotechnology
01695.HK S&P International Holding Limited Food Additives
01882.HK Haitian International Holdings Ltd. Industrial Components & Equipment
02128.HK China Lesso Group Holdings Ltd. Construction Materials
02136.HK Lifestyle China Group Ltd. Supermarkets & Convenience Stores
02179.HK Jiangsu Recbio Technology Co., Ltd. -H Shares Biotechnology
02306.HK YH Entertainment Group Movies & Entertainment
02359.HK WuXi AppTec Co., Ltd. - H Shares Biotechnology
02382.HK Sunny Optical Technology (Group) Co. Ltd. Electronic Components
03330.HK Lingbao Gold Group Company Ltd. - H Shares Gold & Precious Metals
03603.HK Xinji Shaxi Group Co., Ltd Property Investment
03681.HK SinoMab BioScience Limited Biotechnology
03989.HK Capital Environment Holdings Ltd. Alternative/Renewable Energy
06078.HK Hygeia Healthcare Holdings Co., Limited Medical & Aesthetic Services
06609.HK Shanghai HeartCare Medical Technology Corporation Limited -H Shares Medical Devices
06610.HK Flowing Cloud Technology Ltd Consumer Electronics
06689.HK Chongqing Hongjiu Fruit Co., Limited- H Shares Agricultural Products
06822.HK King's Flair International (Holdings) Limited Household Goods FIN RES/FIN DIV (Y.E.31/12/22)
06969.HK Smoore International Holdings Limited Consumer Electronics
08073.HK China Singyes New Materials Holdings Limited Industrial Components & Equipment
08328.HK Xinyi Electric Storage Holdings Limited Auto Parts
08362.HK Winning Tower Group Holdings Limited Packaged Foods
08617.HK Best Linking Group Holdings Limited Industrial Components & Equipment
09982.HK Central China Management Company Limited Building Construction
Code Stock Name Item Announce Date Payable Date
00297.HK Sinofert Holdings Ltd. D:HKD 0.0623(equlvalent to RMB 0.0557) 2023/03/20 N/A
00830.HK China State Construction Development Holdings Limited D:HKD 0.0240 2023/03/20 2023/06/13
01516.HK Sunac Services Holdings Limited D:RMB 0.1370 2023/03/20 2023/06/02
Equity Events
Code Stock Name Item Announce Date Payable Date
No Related Equity Event
IPO Listing
Code Stock Name Offering Price Lot Size Closing Date
No Listing IPO
New Warrant Listing
Code Stock Name Underlying Stock Code Expiry Date Lot Size Strike (Dollars) Issue Price (Dollars) Converting Ratio
15223.HK MB-HSBC@EC2310B 00005 2023/10/04 4,000 60.88 0.289 10
15224.HK MSBAIDU@EC2403A 09888 2024/03/25 5,000 200.2 0.150 100
15225.HK BP-HSBC@EP2309A 00005 2023/09/04 4,000 48 0.170 10
15226.HK BP-CMOB@EP2310A 00941 2023/10/04 5,000 53 0.160 10
15230.HK BPBAIDU@EC2401A 09888 2024/01/03 5,000 170 0.150 100
15231.HK BPGEELY@EC2312B 00175 2023/12/04 5,000 10 0.250 5
15234.HK BPTENCT@EP2401B 00700 2024/01/03 10,000 278 0.160 100
15235.HK UBCNOOC@EC2309B 00883 2023/09/19 1,000 15.55 0.250 1
15236.HK UBCNOOC@EC2312B 00883 2023/12/20 5,000 14.24 0.150 5
15237.HK UB-CMOB@EC2310A 00941 2023/10/24 5,000 72.72 0.250 10
15238.HK UB-LINK@EC2310A 00823 2023/10/20 1,000 56.415 0.150 10
15239.HK UBXIAMI@EC2310B 01810 2023/10/20 2,000 12.26 0.150 10
15241.HK UBCMOLY@EC2404A 03993 2024/04/23 1,500 5.56 0.150 5
15244.HK UB-CMB @EC2309A 03968 2023/09/04 5,000 49.99 0.150 10
15245.HK UB-BILI@EC2307A 09626 2023/07/11 2,000 289.08 0.150 100
15246.HK GS-HTSE@EC2309A 06837 2023/09/22 400 7.01 0.150 1
15247.HK GS-AIA @EC2309A 01299 2023/09/21 10,000 85.05 0.150 50
15248.HK CTTENCT@EP2310A 00700 2023/10/30 10,000 282 0.150 100
15251.HK CTMTUAN@EP2312B 03690 2023/12/28 5,000 100 0.250 50
15259.HK CT-BILI@EC2306A 09626 2023/06/29 2,000 239.08 0.150 100
15260.HK CT-GEG @EP2310B 00027 2023/10/30 10,000 38.83 0.150 10
15261.HK CTGEELY@EC2306A 00175 2023/06/29 5,000 10.1 0.150 5
15262.HK MBCP&CC@EC2311A 00386 2023/11/23 2,000 5.46 0.214 1
15264.HK MBCCCCL@EC2412A 01800 2024/12/20 5,000 5.22 0.250 5
15266.HK MBMTUAN@EC2309B 03690 2023/09/26 10,000 150.1 0.152 100
15269.HK MBMTUAN@EC2312B 03690 2023/12/22 10,000 150.1 0.180 100
15270.HK MB-GEG @EC2306C 00027 2023/06/27 10,000 65.32 0.150 10
15272.HK MB-GEG @EC2312A 00027 2023/12/19 50,000 57.05 0.150 50
15275.HK MBFOPHA@EC2309A 02196 2023/09/04 5,000 29.34 0.197 10
15276.HK MBFOPHA@EC2412A 02196 2024/12/19 25,000 22.05 0.151 50
56765.HK BP#HSI RC2506C HSI 2025/06/27 10,000 19100 0.250 10,000
56766.HK BP#HSI RP2602Y HSI 2026/02/26 10,000 19350 0.250 10,000
56767.HK HS#HSI RP2404I HSI 2024/04/29 10,000 19400 0.250 10,000
56768.HK HS#HSI RP2404J HSI 2024/04/29 10,000 19600 0.250 10,000
56769.HK HS#HSI RP2404K HSI 2024/04/29 10,000 19800 0.250 10,000
56770.HK SG#HSI RP2403O HSI 2024/03/27 10,000 19368 0.250 12,000
56771.HK SG#HSI RP2403V HSI 2024/03/27 10,000 19500 0.250 10,000
56774.HK SG#HSI RP2403W HSI 2024/03/27 10,000 19648 0.250 10,000
56776.HK SG#HSI RP2403X HSI 2024/03/27 10,000 19800 0.250 10,000
56781.HK SG#HSI RP2403Z HSI 2024/03/27 10,000 19968 0.250 12,000
56782.HK SG#TENCTRP2402Q 00700 2024/02/28 5,000 346.6 0.250 500
56788.HK SG#HSI RC2407O HSI 2024/07/30 10,000 19288 0.250 10,000
56789.HK SG#HSI RP2401D HSI 2024/01/30 10,000 20088 0.250 12,000
56790.HK SG#HSI RP2401E HSI 2024/01/30 10,000 20248 0.250 10,000
56791.HK SG#HSI RP2402I HSI 2024/02/28 10,000 20448 0.250 10,000
56793.HK SG#TENCTRC2308Y 00700 2023/08/18 5,000 339.2 0.250 500
56803.HK SG#ALIBARP2402F 09988 2024/02/27 10,000 83.5 0.250 100
56809.HK SG#HSI RC2407J HSI 2024/07/30 10,000 19439 0.250 10,000
56815.HK SG#HSI RC2407W HSI 2024/07/30 10,000 19168 0.250 10,000
56816.HK SG#HSI RC2407A HSI 2024/07/30 10,000 19028 0.250 12,000
56817.HK SG#C MOBRC2311C 00941 2023/11/28 5,000 63.4 0.250 100
56818.HK SG#ALIBARC2308D 09988 2023/08/28 10,000 80.5 0.250 100
56822.HK HS#ALIBARC2311T 09988 2023/11/29 10,000 78.5 0.250 100
56824.HK HS#HSI RC2409C HSI 2024/09/27 10,000 19050 0.250 10,000
56826.HK HS#HSI RC2409H HSI 2024/09/27 10,000 19250 0.250 10,000
56829.HK HS#HSI RC2409J HSI 2024/09/27 10,000 19439 0.250 10,000
56830.HK BP#HSI RC2307A HSI 2023/07/28 10,000 19250 0.250 10,000
56832.HK BP#HSI RC2307B HSI 2023/07/28 10,000 19400 0.250 10,000
56834.HK BP#HSI RP2601W HSI 2026/01/29 10,000 19750 0.250 10,000
56848.HK BP#HSI RP2601X HSI 2026/01/29 10,000 19650 0.250 10,000
56851.HK UB#MTUANRP2403D 03690 2024/03/20 10,000 134 0.250 100
56855.HK UB#HSI RP2504U HSI 2025/04/29 10,000 19368 0.250 12,000
56856.HK UB#HSI RP2404T HSI 2024/04/29 10,000 19500 0.250 10,000
56857.HK UB#HSI RP2502H HSI 2025/02/27 10,000 19650 0.250 12,000
56858.HK UB#HSI RP2503T HSI 2025/03/28 10,000 19788 0.250 12,000
56859.HK UB#TENCTRC2308S 00700 2023/08/16 5,000 338 0.250 500
56860.HK UB#MTUANRC2308V 03690 2023/08/30 10,000 123 0.250 100
56862.HK UB#HSBC RC2311E 00005 2023/11/27 4,000 52 0.250 100
56863.HK UB#HSI RC2309J HSI 2023/09/28 10,000 19439 0.250 10,000
56864.HK UB#HSI RC2309D HSI 2023/09/28 10,000 19300 0.250 10,000
56865.HK UB#HSI RC2307A HSI 2023/07/28 10,000 19150 0.250 12,000
56866.HK UB#HSI RC2307D HSI 2023/07/28 10,000 18938 0.250 12,000
56867.HK UB#HSI RP2402O HSI 2024/02/28 10,000 20078 0.250 10,000
Last Trading Date of Securities
Code Stock Name
11472.HK MS-AIA @EP2303A
15008.HK BIZIJIN@EC2303A
15014.HK CSALUCO@EC2303A
15529.HK CSKUASO@EC2303A
15652.HK UBKUASO@EC2303A
15761.HK GSKUASO@EC2303A
16381.HK UBCSA50@EC2303A
16577.HK SGKUASO@EC2303B
16821.HK GSSPDRG@EC2303A
17083.HK JP-AIA @EP2303A
17613.HK DS-AIA @EP2303A
17789.HK BI-AIA @EP2303A
18516.HK CS-CSPC@EC2303A
18566.HK GS-CSPC@EC2303A
18651.HK UB-CSPC@EC2303A
18767.HK CS-JXR @EC2303A
18823.HK HS-CSPC@EC2303A
19107.HK UB-KECL@EC2303A
19781.HK HSALIBA@EP2303B
19945.HK MS-CCB @EC2303A
20149.HK JP-XYS @EC2303A
20316.HK MSSPDRG@EC2303A
20351.HK HSSPDRG@EC2303A
20358.HK BISPDRG@EC2303A
20463.HK JPALIBA@EP2303A
20487.HK UBALIBA@EP2303B
20540.HK GSSPDRG@EC2303C
20916.HK CS-KECL@EC2303A
21218.HK GS-BILI@EC2303A
21301.HK GSCPAIR@EC2303A
21303.HK JPSPDRG@EC2303B
21304.HK JP-HSBC@EC2303A
21327.HK MS-HSBC@EC2303A
21331.HK MS-XYS @EC2303A
21407.HK HS-SMIC@EC2303A
21608.HK DS-HSBC@EC2303A
21643.HK UB-CCB @EC2303A
21651.HK HSSPDRG@EC2303B
21660.HK UB-HSBC@EC2303B
21770.HK GJ-AIA @EP2303A
21785.HK CSWEIMO@EC2303A
21788.HK CSCRAIL@EC2303A
21842.HK UBCRAIL@EC2303A
21870.HK MSWEIMO@EC2303A
22004.HK UBWEIMO@EC2303A
22007.HK CS-SMIC@EC2303A
22058.HK GS-HSBC@EC2303A
22137.HK GJGEELY@EP2303A
22392.HK SGCRAIL@EC2303A
22495.HK JPTRAHK@EC2303A
22922.HK UBTRAHK@EC2303A
22941.HK JPCSHCL@EC2303B
23012.HK JPALIBA@EP2303C
23026.HK MSXINYI@EC2303A
23039.HK MSSPDRG@EC2303B
23041.HK MSKUASO@EC2303A
23044.HK MSALIBA@EP2303A
23073.HK CSALIBA@EP2303B
23122.HK UBXINYI@EC2303A
23159.HK GSKUASO@EC2303B
23181.HK UBKUASO@EC2303B
23227.HK CSXINYI@EC2303A
23228.HK CSKUASO@EC2303B
23253.HK DSGANFE@EC2303A
23422.HK GJPINAN@EC2303A
23450.HK SG-XYS @EC2303A
23555.HK GJKUASO@EC2303A
23571.HK VTKUASO@EC2303A
23587.HK UBALIBA@EP2303C
23697.HK CSZIJIN@EC2303A
23714.HK JPGANFE@EC2303A
23778.HK MSKUASO@EC2303B
23807.HK UBGANFE@EC2303A
23826.HK MSGANFE@EC2303A
23863.HK HSKUASO@EC2303A
23930.HK MBGEELY@EP2303A
23937.HK MSXPENG@EC2303A
24030.HK MS-AAC @EC2303A
24065.HK UBXPENG@EC2303A
24085.HK SGALIBA@EP2303C
24156.HK BISPDRG@EC2303B
24189.HK DSCSHCL@EC2303A
24238.HK CSGANFE@EC2303A
24307.HK SGGANFE@EC2303A
24472.HK GJALIBA@EP2303B
24487.HK MBKINGD@EC2303A
24613.HK MB-JMJ @EC2303B
24626.HK CSKINGD@EC2303A
24640.HK GJKUASO@EC2303B
24647.HK JPCSHCL@EC2303C
24724.HK JPKUASO@EC2303B
24784.HK UBCSHCL@EC2303C
24816.HK CS-CUNI@EC2303A
24944.HK MS-LINK@EC2303A
24974.HK HSAMCS3@EC2303A
25017.HK JPJDCOM@EC2303A
25020.HK SGJDCOM@EC2303B
25052.HK UBJDCOM@EC2303A
25075.HK CSJDCOM@EC2303A
25084.HK GS-HKEX@EC2303D
25102.HK JP-LINK@EC2303A
25123.HK SG-HKEX@EC2303C
25134.HK UB-LINK@EC2303A
25172.HK GSJDCOM@EC2303A
25176.HK VTJDCOM@EC2303B
25180.HK JPGEELY@EC2303B
25185.HK MS-HKEX@EC2303B
25216.HK UBMTUAN@EC2303B
25225.HK CSMTUAN@EC2303A
25327.HK JPMTUAN@EC2303A
25344.HK MS-CCB @EC2303B
25370.HK CS-AAC @EC2303A
25440.HK SGMTUAN@EC2303B
25505.HK GSMTUAN@EC2303A
25565.HK BIJDCOM@EC2303A
25616.HK JPXIAMI@EC2303B
25662.HK MBXIAMI@EC2303A
25733.HK CSCSAIR@EC2303A
25741.HK CSAIRCN@EC2303A
25783.HK MS-JDL @EC2303A
25840.HK GSALIBA@EP2303B
25855.HK UBAIRCN@EC2303A
25857.HK UBCSAIR@EC2303A
25926.HK CS-CKH @EC2303A
25931.HK CS-JDL @EC2303A
25950.HK UB-HKEX@EC2303E
26015.HK CS-HSBC@EC2303D
26043.HK DSPINAN@EC2303B
26085.HK UBPINAN@EC2304A
26086.HK UB-JDL @EC2303A
26245.HK MBHK&CG@EC2303A
26339.HK SG-BYD @EC2303A
26359.HK GS-GWMC@EC2303A
26361.HK GSSPDRG@EC2303D
26391.HK GJMTUAN@EC2303A
26447.HK JPJDCOM@EC2303B
26493.HK MSTENCT@EC2303E
26496.HK GJTENCT@EC2303B
26498.HK GJJDCOM@EC2303A
26531.HK CSJDCOM@EC2303B
26539.HK GSTENCT@EC2303H
26553.HK JPTENCT@EC2303F
26632.HK UBJDCOM@EC2303C
26660.HK CS-SMIC@EC2303E
26782.HK GSJDCOM@EC2303C
26983.HK CS-OOIL@EC2303A
27024.HK UBTENCT@EC2303H
27035.HK UB-OOIL@EC2303B
27051.HK GJ-SMIC@EC2303A
27067.HK CS-CLPG@EC2303A
27091.HK JPALIBA@EC2303B
27147.HK HSALIBA@EC2303B
27151.HK GSALIBA@EC2303C
27231.HK UB-CLPG@EC2303A
27269.HK UBMTUAN@EP2303B
27281.HK JPMTUAN@EP2303B
27296.HK MSMTUAN@EP2303D
27320.HK CSMTUAN@EP2303A
27366.HK GSMTUAN@EP2303A
27374.HK SGMTUAN@EP2303A
27469.HK HSMTUAN@EP2303B
27763.HK UBPETCH@EC2304A
27775.HK MSCSAIR@EC2303A
27918.HK GJALIBA@EC2303B
27988.HK GSXIAMI@EC2303B
28219.HK JPTRAHK@EP2303A
28612.HK GSCITSE@EC2303B
28627.HK MSCITSE@EC2303B
28967.HK GJXIAMI@EC2303D
29196.HK GJJDCOM@EC2303C
29387.HK GS-CCB @EC2303A
29596.HK JP-BYD @EC2303E
29676.HK UB-BYD @EC2303D
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