All Quota are in RMB
(unless otherwise specified)
Quota Balance(¥):

Money Flow(¥):
Quota Balance
Daily Quota Balance and Trade Value
Historical Quota Data
(Last 30 trading days)
SZ-HK Southbound
Combined Southbound
Date Daily Quota Balance
(% of Quota)
Money Flow Buy Trade Value Sell Trade Value Total Trade Value1
(% of Market Turnover)
Combined Quota Money Flow Total Trade Value
(% of Market Turnover)
2021/04/16 37.28B(88.77%) In 4.72B 9.60B 5.10B 14.71B(10.27%) 78.00B(92.86%) In 6.00B 28.45B(19.87%)
2021/04/15 40.69B(96.88%) In 1.31B 6.75B 6.11B 12.86B(10.33%) 83.00B(98.81%) In 1.00B 23.39B(18.79%)
2021/04/14 39.65B(94.41%) In 2.35B 7.67B 5.85B 13.52B(9.79%) 81.45B(96.97%) In 2.55B 25.67B(18.59%)
2021/04/13 39.42B(93.87%) In 2.58B 7.71B 5.48B 13.19B(9.24%) 81.62B(97.16%) In 2.38B 24.94B(17.46%)
2021/04/12 41.05B(97.73%) In 952.62M 8.19B 8.06B 16.24B(10.11%) 84.48B(100.57%) Out 478.34M 32.42B(20.17%)
2021/04/09 39.36B(93.72%) In 2.64B 7.44B 5.22B 12.66B(8.93%) 81.23B(96.71%) In 2.77B 26.83B(18.93%)
2021/04/08 38.74B(92.25%) In 3.26B 11.02B 8.53B 19.55B(6.95%) 77.66B(92.45%) In 6.34B 40.81B(14.52%)
2021/04/07 40.15B(95.59%) In 1.85B 10.53B 9.55B 20.08B(11.74%) 81.34B(96.83%) In 2.66B 39.53B(23.12%)
2021/04/01 37.87B(90.17%) In 4.13B 12.56B 9.00B 21.55B(12.09%) 78.43B(93.37%) In 5.57B 40.95B(22.97%)
2021/03/31 40.17B(95.64%) In 1.83B 9.53B 8.40B 17.93B(10.93%) 81.11B(96.56%) In 2.89B 34.95B(21.31%)
2021/03/30 39.15B(93.23%) In 2.85B 10.36B 8.15B 18.51B(10.93%) 79.37B(94.48%) In 4.63B 34.03B(20.10%)
2021/03/29 39.42B(93.86%) In 2.58B 12.25B 10.43B 22.68B(11.92%) 81.05B(96.48%) In 2.95B 46.79B(24.58%)
2021/03/26 38.19B(90.94%) In 3.81B 11.87B 8.56B 20.43B(11.11%) 76.99B(91.66%) In 7.01B 39.61B(21.54%)
2021/03/25 40.76B(97.05%) In 1.24B 12.87B 12.96B 25.83B(12.88%) 82.77B(98.54%) In 1.23B 51.66B(25.77%)
2021/03/24 42.67B(101.61%) Out 674.18M 10.00B 12.09B 22.09B(11.61%) 87.88B(104.62%) Out 3.88B 42.08B(22.13%)
2021/03/23 43.41B(103.36%) Out 1.41B 10.04B 12.96B 23.00B(13.81%) 85.79B(102.13%) Out 1.79B 41.16B(24.71%)
2021/03/22 40.69B(96.89%) In 1.31B 8.43B 8.02B 16.44B(12.25%) 81.89B(97.49%) In 2.11B 31.27B(23.29%)
2021/03/19 41.92B(99.81%) In 81.41M 10.53B 11.84B 22.37B(10.85%) 84.69B(100.82%) Out 689.78M 39.40B(19.11%)
2021/03/18 38.44B(91.51%) In 3.56B 11.31B 8.17B 19.48B(11.16%) 78.40B(93.34%) In 5.60B 36.35B(20.82%)
2021/03/17 39.13B(93.17%) In 2.87B 9.39B 7.17B 16.56B(11.14%) 79.62B(94.78%) In 4.38B 32.42B(21.80%)
2021/03/16 38.11B(90.74%) In 3.89B 11.05B 7.81B 18.86B(12.20%) 77.54B(92.31%) In 6.46B 33.66B(21.78%)
2021/03/15 43.89B(104.50%) Out 1.89B 12.02B 15.79B 27.81B(14.36%) 85.50B(101.79%) Out 1.50B 50.17B(25.90%)
2021/03/12 38.04B(90.58%) In 3.96B 13.99B 10.55B 24.54B(10.88%) 79.17B(94.25%) In 4.83B 48.55B(21.53%)
2021/03/11 38.09B(90.70%) In 3.91B 12.89B 9.85B 22.74B(10.57%) 77.50B(92.26%) In 6.50B 47.00B(21.83%)
2021/03/10 42.98B(102.34%) Out 980.83M 11.03B 13.48B 24.52B(12.87%) 85.65B(101.96%) Out 1.65B 46.24B(24.28%)
2021/03/09 42.47B(101.11%) Out 465.62M 16.85B 18.93B 35.78B(12.96%) 88.79B(105.70%) Out 4.79B 69.96B(25.35%)
2021/03/08 46.31B(110.27%) Out 4.31B 17.54B 24.31B 41.85B(15.12%) 92.40B(110.00%) Out 8.40B 78.58B(28.39%)
2021/03/05 39.52B(94.09%) In 2.48B 15.25B 13.87B 29.12B(12.11%) 79.36B(94.48%) In 4.64B 55.68B(23.16%)
2021/03/04 43.20B(102.86%) Out 1.20B 14.10B 16.97B 31.07B(13.85%) 85.34B(101.59%) Out 1.34B 57.93B(25.82%)
2021/03/03 39.88B(94.96%) In 2.12B 12.39B 11.36B 23.76B(12.84%) 76.70B(91.30%) In 7.30B 47.61B(25.73%)
All Quota are in RMB (unless otherwise specified)
(1) Total Trade Value is computed by summing up Buy and Sell Trade Values
(2) Moneyflow is estimated by subtracting quota balance from the quota limit, where negative return represents outflow, and positive return for inflow.