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Today : 2020-02-23 (Sun)
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Release Schedule for February  
Date Country/Region Indicator Previous Value Unit View
2020/02/03 UK United Kingdom:Markit/CIPSMaunfacturing PMI 47.5 View
2020/02/11 UK Chained Volume Measure:Gross domestic product at market pricesQoQ SA 0.4 % View
2020/02/11 UK Chained Volume Measure:Gross domestic product at market pricesYoY SA 1.1 % View
2020/02/11 UK Total Trade: Balance 4031 View
2020/02/19 UK CPI(overall index):MoM 0 % View
2020/02/19 UK CPI(overall index):YoY 1.3 % View
2020/02/19 UK Output of manufactured products(NSA):MoM % View
2020/02/19 UK Output of manufactured products(NSA):YoY % View
2020/02/21 UK Public sector finances: Public Sector: Net Debt 2120.6 View
2020/02/28 UK Overall Index Score View
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