Barings Developed and Emerging Markets High Yield Bond Fund (USD) Q-Inc
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(Last Update : 2021/11/25)
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Fund House Baring Asset Management (Asia) Limited
Fund Type Fixed Income Funds
Fund Size
Sector High Yield
Geographic Allocation Global
Fund Investment Objective & Strategy
The investment objective of the Fund is to produce a high level of current yield in US dollar terms, commensurate with an acceptable level of risk as determined by the Fund Manager in their reasonable discretion. Any capital appreciation will be incidental.
Key Risks
Risk associate with sub-investment grade securities:The Fund will invest principally in sub-investment grade securities. These securities are subject to lower creditworthiness and higher risk of default than investment grade securities.Sub-investment grade securities generally tend to reflect short-term corporate and market developments to a greater extent than investment grade securities which respond primarily to fluctuations in the general level of interest rates. There are fewer investors in sub-investment grade securities and it may be harder to buy and sell such securities at an optimum time and hence investment in these securities may be more susceptible to liquidity risk (see point 6 below).The trading volume in certain international bond markets may be appreciably below that of the worlds largest markets, such as the United States Treasury market. Accordingly, investment in such markets may be less liquid and their prices may be more volatile than comparable investments in securities trading in markets with larger trading volumes. Moreover, the settlement periods in certain markets may be longer than in others which may affect portfolio liquidity.Interest rate risk:The fixed income securities in which the Fund invested are interest rate sensitive, which means that their value will fluctuate as interest rate fluctuate. An increase in interest rates will generally reduce the value of the fixed income securities.Credit risk:There can be no assurance that the issuers or guarantor, if any, of securities or other instruments in which the Fund may invest will not be subject to credit difficulties, leading to either the downgrading of such securities or instruments, or to the loss of some or all of the sums invested in such securities or instruments or payments due on such securities or instruments.Emerging market investment risk:The Fund may invest in securities of issues operating in emerging markets. Investing in emerging markets may involve additional risks than investing in more developed markets. These include liquidity risks (see point 6 below), the possibility of a lower standard of corporate governance, increased political risk and the likelihood of a high degree of volatility.Risks associated with derivative instruments:The Fund may have exposure to derivatives for investment purposes. Given the leverage effect embedded in derivatives, such investments may result in higher volatility or even a total loss in the Fund’s assets within a short period of time. Investment in derivatives may expose the Fund to substantial counterparty (see point 7 below),liquidity (see point 6 below) and volatility risks.Liquidity risk:Market liquidity in the emerging markets may be lower than the more developed markets. Accumulation and disposal of securities or financial derivative instruments may be time consuming and may need to be conducted at unfavourable prices. The Fund may also encounter difficulties in disposing of securities or financial derivative instruments at their fair market price.Counterparty risk:The Fund may have credit exposure to counterparties by virtue of positions in derivative instruments as well as certain other securities that may be held by the Fund. To the extent that a counterparty defaults on its obligation and the Fund is delayed or prevented from exercising its rights with respect to the investments in its portfolio, it may experience a decline in the value of its position,lose income and incur costs associated with asserting its rights.The Fund may also be exposed to a credit risk on parties with whom it trades securities and derivative instruments, and may also bear the risk of settlement default, in particular in relation to debt securities.Investment risk:The Fund is an investment fund and is not in the nature of a bank deposit. There is no guarantee of repayment of principal. Investment in the Fund is subject to fluctuations in value and you may suffer a loss.
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