Baring Europa Fund (USD) A Y-Inc
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(Last Update : 2022/10/03)
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Fund House Baring Asset Management (Asia) Limited
Fund Type Equity Funds
Fund Size
Sector General
Geographic Allocation Europe (incl. UK)
Fund Investment Objective & Strategy
To achieve long-term capital growth in the value of assets by investing in companies in Europe (including the United Kingdom).
Key Risks
Risk associated with investment in specific countries :The Fund primarily invests in the European markets and therefore has a narrower focus than those funds which invest broadly across markets. The Fund typically offers less diversification and therefore is considered to be more risky. The current Eurozone crisis continues to raise uncertainty with little or no clarity on an enduring solution. Potential scenarios could include, among others, the downgrading of the credit rating of a European country, the default or bankruptcy of one or more sovereigns within the Eurozone, or the departure of some, or all, relevant EU Member States from the Eurozone. These may lead to the partial or full break-up of the Eurozone, with the result that the Euro may no longer be a valid trading currency. These events may increase volatility, liquidity and currency risks associated with investments in Europe and may adversely impact the performance and value of the Fund. Risks associated with derivatives and liquidity: The Fund may have exposure to derivatives for investment purposes or for efficient portfolio management. Given the leverage effect embedded in derivatives, such investments may result in higher volatility or a significant loss in the Fund’s assets within a short period of time. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the Fund’s use of derivatives for hedging will be entirely effective and in adverse situations, where the use of derivatives becomes ineffective, the Fund may suffer significant loss. There may not be active market for certain derivatives so that the purchase and sale of holding may take longer. The Fund may also encounter difficulties in disposing of derivatives at their fair market price. Counterparty risk: Counterparty risk is the risk that an organization does not pay out on a bond or other trade or transaction when it is supposed to. If a counterparty fails to honour its obligation in a timely manner and the Fund is delayed or prevented from exercising its rights with respect to the investments in its portfolio, it may experience a decline in the value of its position, lose income and/or incur costs associated with asserting its rights. Risks of investment in equities :The equity markets may fluctuate significantly with prices rising or falling sharply, and this will have a direct impact on the Fund’s net asset value. When the equity markets are extremely volatile the Fund’s net asset value may fluctuate substantially. Currency risk :The Fund’s assets and liabilities may be denominated in currencies different from the Base currency. The Fund may be affected favourably or unfavourably by exchange control regulations or changes in the exchange rates between the Base currency and other currencies. A Unit Class may be designated in a currency other than the Base Currency of the Fund. Changes in the exchange rate between the Base Currency and such designated currency may lead to a depreciation of the value of such Units as expressed in the designated currency. Investment risk :The Fund is an investment fund and is not in the nature of a bank deposit. There is no guarantee of repayment of principal. Investment in the Fund is subject to fluctuations in value and you may suffer a loss
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