Amundi Funds Equity Asean (USD) AU
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(Last Update : 2021/04/12)
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Fund House Amundi Hong Kong Limited - Amundi Funds
Fund Type Equity Funds
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Sector General
Geographic Allocation ASEAN
Fund Investment Objective & Strategy
To achieve long-term capital growth. Specifically, the Sub-Fund seeks to outperform (after applicable fees) the MSCI South East Asia index by investing at least 67% of assets in equities of companies that are headquartered, or do substantial business, in ASEAN member countries.
Key Risks
Developing countries risk: According to the objectives and investment strategy of the fund, it will invest in developing countries which may subject to developing countries risk. Investment in securities of issuers of developing counties involves special considerations and risks, including the risks associated with investment in developing countries, such as currency fluctuations, the risks of investing in countries with smaller capital markets, limited liquidity, higher price volatility, different conditions applying to transaction and control and restrictions on foreign investment, as well as risks associated with developing countries economies, including high inflation and interest rates, large amounts of external debt as well as political and social uncertainties. Concentration risk: The fund focuses in investing in Association of Southeast Asian Nations, which may give rise to higher concentration risk than funds that invests in more diversified countries. Equity risk: Investment in common stocks and other equity securities are subject to market risk that historically has resulted in greater price volatility than experienced by bonds and other fixed income securities. Market risk: Value of this fund investments could decrease due to movements in financial markets. The value of the fund can be extremely volatile and could go down substantially within a short period of time. It is possible that your investment value could suffer substantial loss. Risk attached to the use of Financial Derivative Instruments : The fund may invest in FDI for hedging purpose and for the purpose of efficient portfolio management only. Investment in FDI is subject to additional risks, including credit risk of the issuer, liquidity risk, counterparty risk and valuation risk. In adverse situation, the use of FDI may become ineffective in hedging/efficient portfolio management and the fund may suffer significant losses. Risk specific for participatory notes: participatory notes which are the embedded derivatives instruments allowing investors to indirectly invest in securities listed on certain markets having a complicated or restricted access in emerging countries, may be subject to counterparty risk which is the risk that the broker, dealer or bank that issues the notes will not fulfill its contractual obligations under the notes. Risk of small and medium companies: According to the objectives and investment strategy of the fund, it may invest in emerging countries which small and medium companies are commonly found. Investment in small and medium companies offers the possibility of higher returns but may also involve a higher degree of risk, due to higher risks of failure or bankruptcy and illiquid nature of the small and medium shares. Investment in small and medium shares are likely to have a higher risks of price volatility.
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