Allianz China Equity (USD) A
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(Last Update : 2023/03/30)
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Fund House Allianz Global Investors Hong Kong Limited
Fund Type Equity Funds
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Sector General
Geographic Allocation China
Fund Investment Objective & Strategy
The Fund aims at long-term capital growth by investing in equity markets in the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”), Hong Kong and Macau.
Key Risks
Investment Risk / General Market Risk: The Sub-Fund is an investment fund. There is no guarantee of the repayment of principal. The instruments invested by the Sub-Fund may fall in value. The Sub-Fund invests directly or indirectly in securities, and is exposed to various general trends and tendencies in the economic and political situations as well as securities markets and investment sentiment, which are partially attributable to irrational factors. Such factors could lead to substantial and longer-lasting drops in prices affecting the entire market. Securities from top-rated issuers are subject to essentially the same general market risk as other securities and assets. All these factors may adversely impact the net asset value of the Sub-Fund. Country Risk:The Sub-Fund’s investments focus on the PRC, which may increase the concentration risk. Consequently, the Sub-Fund is particularly susceptible to adverse development and risks of PRC, or of companies based and / or operating in PRC. The net asset value of the Sub-Fund may be more volatile than a diversified fund. Emerging Market Risk:The Sub-Fund invests in emerging markets which involve certain risks and special considerations not typically associated with investment in more developed economies or markets, such as greater political, tax, economic, foreign exchange,liquidity, regulatory risks, settlement risks, custody risk and the likelihood of a high degree of volatility. Company-specific Risk:The assets of the Sub-Fund may invest in equities which may be affected by company-specific factors, such as the issuer’s business situation. If a company-specific factor deteriorates, the price of the respective asset may drop significantly and for an extended period of time, possibly even without regard to an otherwise generally positive market trend. All these factors may adversely impact the net asset value of the Sub-Fund. Derivatives Risk:The Sub-Fund may invest in derivatives, which may expose the fund to higher counterparty, liquidity and market risks, all of which may adversely impact the net asset value of the Sub-Fund. The Sub-Fund’s use of FDI in hedging and / or efficient portfolio management may become ineffective and / or cause the Sub-Fund to suffer significant losses. Risk related to Distribution out of Capital and Distribution effectively out of Capital:The payment of distributions out of capital / distributions effectively out of capital represents a return or withdrawal of part of the amount investors originally invested and / or capital gains attributable to the original investment. Any distributions involving payment of distributions out of the Sub-Fund’s capital / distributions effectively out of the Sub-Fund’s capital may result in an immediate decrease in the Net Asset Value per Share and may reduce the capital available for the Sub-Fund for future investment and capital growth. Risks associated with the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect (the “Stock Connect”):The Stock Connect is novel in nature. The relevant regulations are untested and subject to change. There is no certainty as to how they will be applied. The Stock Connect is subject to a maximum cross-boundary investment quota, together with a daily quota which does not belong to the Sub-Fund and may only be utilized on a first-come-first served basis and therefore may restrict the Sub-Fund’s ability to invest in Chinese A-Shares through the Stock Connect on a timely basis or the Sub-Fund may not be able to make its intended investments through Stock Connect. PRC regulations impose certain restrictions on selling and buying. Also, a stock may be recalled from the scope of eligible stocks for trading via the Stock Connect. This may affect the investment portfolio or strategies of the Sub-Fund. Where a suspension in the trading through the programme is effected, the Sub-Fund’s ability to invest in Chinese A-Shares or access the PRC market through the programme will be adversely affected. In such event, the Sub-Fund’s ability to achieve its investment objective could be negatively affected. Trading in securities through the Stock Connect may be subject to clearing and settlement risk. If the PRC clearing house defaults on its obligation to deliver securities/make payment, the Sub-Fund may suffer delays in recovering its losses or may not be able to fully recover its losses. Further, the Sub-Fund’s investments through the Stock Connect are not covered by the Hong Kong’s Investor Compensation Fund. The investments through the Stock Connect are subject to the tax regime in the PRC. The business tax and income tax on capital gains are temporarily exempted for an uncertain period. The tax regime may change from time to time and the Sub-Fund is subject to uncertainties in its PRC tax liabilities.
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