AllianceBernstein - Short Maturity Dollar Portfolio (USD) A2
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(Last Update : 2024/06/21)
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Fund House AllianceBernstein Hong Kong Ltd
Fund Type Fixed Income Funds
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Sector US Dollar
Geographic Allocation US
Fund Investment Objective & Strategy
The Portfolio seeks the highest level of current income, consistent with low volatility of net asset value, that is available from a portfolio primarily consisting of high quality mortgage-related and asset-backed securities. Typically, the Portfolio will have at least 65% of the value of its total assets invested in mortgage-related and asset-backed securities. The highly liquid nature of the portfolio permits the Investment Manager to alter portfolio structure as outlook in the market changes.
Key Risks
Risk in investing in financial derivative instruments: The Portfolio is entitled to use derivative instruments for hedging and efficient portfolio management purposes which may involve additional risks. In adverse situations, the Portfolio's use of derivative instruments may become ineffective in hedging or efficient portfolio management and the Portfolio may suffer significant losses. Credit Risks - General: The Portfolio will invest in fixed-income securities (including bonds) issued by companies and other entities and the Portfolio will be subject to the risk that a particular issuer may not fulfill its payment or other obligations in respect of such fixed-income securities. Credit Risk – Downgrading Risk: The Portfolio will invest in fixed-income securities (including bonds). An issuer of such fixed-income securities may experience an adverse change in its financial condition which may in turn result in a decrease in the credit rating assigned by an internationally recognized statistical ratings organization to such issuer and fixed-income securities issued by such issuer. Credit ratings of fixed-income securities reflect the issuer's ability to make timely payments of interest or principal—the lower the rating, the higher the risk of default. The adverse change in financial condition or decrease in credit rating(s) of issuer may result in increased volatility in, and adverse impact on, the price of the relevant fixed-income security and negatively affect liquidity, making any such fixedincome security more difficult to sell. Fixed Income Securities Risk – Prepayment Risk for Mortgage-related and Asset-backed Securities: As interest rates rise, bond prices fall and vice versa - long-term securities tend to rise and fall more than shortterm securities. The values of mortgage-related and asset-backed securities are particularly sensitive to changes in interest rates due to prepayment risk. Prepayments may cause losses on securities purchased at a premium, and unscheduled prepayments, which will be made at par, will cause a portfolio to experience a loss equal to any unamortised premium. Fixed Income Securities Risk - General: The Portfolio will invest in fixed-income securities where their value will change in response to fluctuations in interest rates and currency exchange rates, as well as changes in credit quality of the issuer.
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