Value Partners High-Dividend Stocks Fund (USD)
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(Last Update : 2016/04/20)
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Fund House Value Partners Limited
Fund Type Equity Funds
Fund Size
Sector High Dividend
Geographic Allocation Asia (ex Japan)
Fund Investment Objective & Strategy
The fund aims to provide capital appreciation to unitholders by investing primarily in a portfolio of relatively higher yielding debt and equity securities in Asian region.
Key Risks
Investment risk: The Fund is an investment fund. There is no guarantee of the repayment of principal. The Fund’s investment portfolio may fall in value and you may lose a substantial proportion or all of your investment in the Fund. Dividend Risk: There is no guarantee that the underlying securities in the Fund will pay out dividends. Therefore, there is no guarantee that the Fund’s investment strategies will succeed. There is also no guarantee of dividend or distribution payments during the period an investor holds units in the Fund. Risk of investing in China and other emerging markets: Investing in China-related companies and emerging markets involves certain risks and special considerations not typically associated with investment in more developed economies or markets, such as greater political, tax, economic, foreign exchange, liquidity and regulatory risk. Geographical concentration risk: The concentration of the Fund’s investments in Asian markets particularly China-related companies may result in greater volatility than portfolios which comprise broad-based global investments. PRC tax risk: The Fund may be exposed to risks associated with changes in current Chinese tax laws, regulations and practice, which may have retrospective effect. In particular, there are still uncertainties as to the withholding tax treatment on capital gains (“CGT”) (currently equal to 10% of any gain) derived from China B Shares. The Manager does not presently propose to accrue for the 10% withholding tax on China B Shares but is keeping the matter under review and which position may be subject to change. Credit Risk: The Fund may invest in securities which are rated below investment grade. The Fund may be subject to additional risks due to the speculative nature of investing in securities with a rating below investment grade such as high yield debt securities, which may be considered speculative and can include securities that are unrated and/or in default. Currency exchange risk: The Fund is denominated in US dollars. Its performance will be affected by movements in the exchange rates between the currencies in which the assets are held and US dollars, and any changes in exchange control regulations which may cause difficulties in the repatriation of funds. Performance fee risk: There is no adjustment of equalisation credit or equalisation losses on an individual unitholder basis. A unitholder redeeming units may still incur performance fee in respect of the units, even though a loss in investment capital has been suffered by the redeeming unitholder.
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