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(Last Update : 2024/05/29)
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Fund House FIL Investment Management (Hong Kong) Limited
Fund Type Equity Funds
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Sector Technology
Geographic Allocation Global
Fund Investment Objective & Strategy
The fund aims to achieve capital growth over the long term. The fund invests at least 70% (and normally 75%) of its assets, in equities of companies throughout the world, including emerging markets that develop or will develop products,process or services providing or benefiting from technological advances or improvements. The fund may also invest in money market instruments on an ancillary basis. The fund invests at least 50% of its assets in securities of companies with favourable environmental, social and governance (ESG) characteristics.
Key Risks
Equities:The value of stocks may fluctuate, sometimes dramatically, in response to the activities and results of individualcompanies or because of general market and economic conditions or other events.Holdings Concentration:At times, the fund will invest in a relatively small number of investments and will be concentrated in a specific industrysector and the net asset value of the fund may be more volatile as a result of this concentration of holdings relative to afund which diversifies across a larger number of investments or sectors.Technology Sector Risk:The technology sector is subject to rapid and significant changes in technology that are evidenced by the increasingpace of technological upgrades, evolving industry standards, ongoing improvements in the capacity and quality of digitaltechnology, shorter development cycles for new products and enhancements and changes in customer requirementsand preferences. The timely and successful introduction of new products will affect the success of companies in thetechnology sector. Value of investments in this sector can be adversely affected by the failure and delays in obtainingfinancing or regulatory approval, intense competition with numerous alternative technologies, product incompatibility,mismatched consumer preferences and the rapid obsolescence and research and development of new products.Foreign Currency Risk:The fund’s total return and balance sheet can be significantly affected by foreign exchange rate movements where thefund’s assets and income are denominated in currencies other than the base currency of the fund and this means thatcurrency movements may significantly affect the value of the fund’s share price.
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